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Why Give?

The Regina Academies have been forming young Catholics in the intellectual and spiritual traditions of the Roman Catholic Church since 2003. Each school is an independent Catholic school. As such, no school receives any subsidy from a parish or from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. 

Families who send their children to the Regina Academies do so because they know it is the best possible education for their children – an education that will challenge them academically, but also provide the best assurance that their children will come to know, love, and serve God, and love their neighbor as themselves. 

On average, our schools receive only about 50% of their needed operating revenue through tuition. Each offers generous financial aid to families, some of which have as many as 7 children in our schools. 

Your generosity will ensure that the Regina Academies continue to grow and thrive in the Philadelphia region.

Other Ways to Make a Difference

Matching Opportunity

EITC Program

Planned Giving

$2 million matching gift

An anonymous donor has given the Regina Academies an incredible opportunity to secure our future through a $2 million matching gift. Every donor donated to the Regina Academies will be matched up to $2 million. This fund is a legacy fund given to support our families, and for the ongoing development of our faculty, curriculum, and schools. For questions or more information, please use the Contact Us form or contact one of the schools directly.

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Through Pennsylvania’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC), businesses and individuals can donate up to 90% of their Pennsylvania state tax to support an approved scholarship organization.

The combined financial need of families who attend all of the Regina Academies is approximately $1.8 million. Through the generosity of business donors and individuals working with Pennsylvania’s EITC program we are able to reduce that need by approximately $900,000. The balance must be covered through the generosity of donors.

If you own a business or are interested in supporting students attending the Regina Academies with your personal tax dollars, please contact us for more information. It’s a simple process that can make an incredible difference to families who rely on financial assistance to send their children to our schools.

Please contact Mark Bradford, Executive Director, for information on how to apply. (610) 726-1856.

See the simple steps that can make a huge difference for RA students

Planned Giving Opportunities

There are many ways donors can make a substantial difference to the Regina Academies with little personal financial impact. Planned giving includes making a gift in your will, making a gift of appreciated assets like stock, or designating the Regina Academies as a beneficiary on your life insurance, retirement plan, or bank accounts.

If you are at least 70 1/2, you are required to make withdrawals from your IRA that are subject to income tax. However, if you don’t need to withdraw money from your IRA for income, you may wish to make a gift to the Regina Academies and avoid paying tax on the amount of your required minimum distribution.

Contact Mark Bradford, Executive Director at 610-726-1856 for additional information or speak with your broker or tax professional.

For more information:

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“According to the newest statistics, the average age young Catholics no longer affiliate with the Church is 13! The Regina Academies are defying that statistic by successfully forming young souls in faith and reason to be joyful saints. There is great hope for the future.”