Employment opportunities

The Regina Academies are always looking for faith-filled, dedicated teachers to bring their passion for the Catholic faith and their expertise to our classrooms. If you are looking for a joyful school to share your love of learning with eager young minds, please consider applying for a position in one of our schools.

Visit our Schools Page where you can get a glimpse of our schools’ locations and leadership. You can also click through from there to visit each individual school’s web page and find additional contact information. Read our Hallmarks and visit our Blog Page to get a good idea of the philosophy behind the Regina Academies and why our schools provide “a joyful exploration of faith and reason” to our students. 

Philadelphia was once the home of St. John Neumann and St. Katherine Drexel. We have a vibrant young Catholic community and many professional sports teams, universities, and cultural institutions. It is easy for young and older adults to find a center of faith here and many opportunities to nourish their minds, bodies, and spirits.