What is Classical Education


The Trivium
For millennia, the trivium has remained the most effective structure for educational success. It prepares students for lifelong learning because if provides the tools necessary to become self-learners.
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Why of Classical Education
If the WHY of a classical education is to form joyful saints, then student’s potential becomes boundless, because they are formed open to God's grace.
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What is Catholic education? This is the time of year when parents are attending open houses and looking more seriously at school options for their children. Parents looking at Catholic schools are most likely looking beyond academics to how their children will be formed in the Catholic faith, but a reasonable question to ask with...
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innovation in education
Progressive education’s academic elites continue to fail the most disadvantaged with innovation in education the promises provide a better education for students, the latest of which has been Common Core. The Association of Christian Classical Schools (ACCS) has published research that shows how much better classically educated students do on standardized tests compared to those...
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Faith and Reason
St. John Paul II began the 13th of his 14 encyclical letters, Fides et Ratio (Faith and Reason) with a beautiful image of the importance of both faith and reason in humanity’s quest for truth. He said that: “Faith and reason are like two wings upon which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth; and God...
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During the summer, conversations around the pool, at the beach, and with family and friends almost always seem to gravitate toward our children and their schools, and the inevitable question of why families would give their children a Catholic classical education at a small school like the Regina Academies. Here are a few talking points...
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Classical liberal arts education at the Regina Academies begins with the understanding that our first calling is to know, love, and serve God. Our relationship with God through Christ defines WHO we are – Christ’s adopted sons and daughters.
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The Incarnation
As the defining moment of human history, and the event that illuminates the mystery of humanity, the Incarnation is the curriculum of a Catholic liberal education.
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