Is there a way forward?

Is there a way forward?

(Updated July 27, 2020) The Coronavirus pandemic has thrown education into chaos. Many schools have admitted that their transition to remote learning was a failure. Some schools are still not sure if they will be open in the fall, or if they know what education might look like in terms of scheduling to accommodate “social...
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Why of Classical Education

The WHY of Classical Education

If the WHY of a classical education is to form joyful saints, then student’s potential becomes boundless, because they are formed open to God's grace.
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for such as time as this

Made “for such a time as this.”

God places each of us in the world for such a time as this. The Regina Academies are here for just such a time as this – to be a resource to families in forming their children to navigate an increasingly difficult and sometimes hostile world.
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What is Catholic education? Its 2 goals and the path to a joyful life

What is Catholic education? This is the time of year when parents are attending open houses and looking more seriously at school options for their children. Parents looking at Catholic schools are most likely looking beyond academics to how their children will be formed in the Catholic faith, but a reasonable question to ask with...
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innovation in education

Innovation in Education: Its Human Cost

Progressive education’s academic elites continue to fail the most disadvantaged with innovation in education the promises provide a better education for students, the latest of which has been Common Core. The Association of Christian Classical Schools (ACCS) has published research that shows how much better classically educated students do on standardized tests compared to those...
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Faith and Reason

Faith, Reason, and Joy

St. John Paul II began the 13th of his 14 encyclical letters, Fides et Ratio (Faith and Reason) with a beautiful image of the importance of both faith and reason in humanity’s quest for truth. He said that: “Faith and reason are like two wings upon which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth; and God...
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Salve Regina!

Celebrating the Feast Day of the Regina Academies Today is the Feast of the Queenship of Mary, the patroness of the Regina Academies. It is our feast day, and a good day to reflect on the origins or the feast, its continued relevance in the life of the Church, and the importance of gratitude for this great...
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Classical Education

6 Talking Points on Classical Education

During the summer, conversations around the pool, at the beach, and with family and friends almost always seem to gravitate toward our children and their schools, and the inevitable question of why families would give their children a Catholic classical education at a small school like the Regina Academies. Here are a few talking points...
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An education to make us gods

An education to make us “gods”

“God became man, so that we might become God.” (St. Athanasius) (Feast of St. Athanasius) On March 25, we began a series of posts to clarify what we mean when we say that the Regina Academies are Catholic classical liberal arts schools. Classical education is understood in various ways, and the Annunciation was the perfect...
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