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Education or Subversion?
Public education only appears to be free. Its ultimate cost is immeasurable if it results in a child being stolen away from their family and losing the greatest opportunity they could ever have… the opportunity to grow in faith and holiness, and to learn to be truly free in Jesus Christ.
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Is there a way forward?
We believe that at its best technology will never be an adequate substitute for the loss of human interaction that happens daily in a classical school. It is important for children to be back with their peers and resume their daily routine as soon as possible.
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Why of Classical Education
If the WHY of a classical education is to form joyful saints, then student’s potential becomes boundless, because they are formed open to God's grace.
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for such as time as this
God places each of us in the world for such a time as this. The Regina Academies are here for just such a time as this – to be a resource to families in forming their children to navigate an increasingly difficult and sometimes hostile world.
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When parents consider a Catholic school for their children, they are most likely looking beyond academics to something more. A school that will provide some formation in values that the family shares. But, a reasonable question to ask, with so many different options is, What is Catholic education and how does it go beyond the academic formation of other schools? In this blog: The Church teaches that Catholic education should...
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