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Are our lives meaningless? Absolutely not. Pope Francis wrote in Evangelii Gaudium that “formation in the via pulchritudinis (the way of beauty) ought to be part of our effort to pass on the Faith.” In the Regina Academies, we have an opportunity to surround our students with beauty, whether it be in nature, the liturgy, or in the classroom.
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For almost two years, our attention has been intensely focused on the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on public health. However, there is another pandemic infesting the hearts and minds of many, especially young people. That is, the continued intrusion of technology into our lives and its relentless effort to steal our time and undermine our moral integrity. In this blog: There is ample evidence of the harm technology can...
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Few would question, at least with any credibility, that our culture is experiencing a crisis of manhood. Author and farmer Jason Craig published an excellent book in 2019 that addresses this problem called Leaving Boyhood Behind. The book lays out a plan for fathers, brothers, uncles, and others to help young men grow to be strong, virtuous leaders with the courage to assume whatever role in society and the Church...
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Teaching History
Teaching history is fundamental to a classical education. It is a collection of memories handed down in stories that define who we are. Those stories are preserved and come to life in great literature through which we can see the historical struggles and triumphs of our shared humanity. We can only truly know who we are if we know our past.
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Masters of Words
There has never been a more critical time for the Regina Academies. The Incarnation, not Critical Theory or any other ideology, is the foundation of our curriculum. We teach, with absolute confidence, that we can understand and communicate truth through language. Our goal is that students become masters of words.
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