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In Catholic classical schools wonder is encouraged as an essential part of learning. It is made the center of a child’s motivation. Through wonder students are guided to a greater understanding of themselves as God’s unique creation, and to the magnificent design of the world around them.
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If piety is the generous response to God’s spiritual blessings, patriotism is a generous response to the gift of our homeland that has formed our national character.
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Education or Subversion?
Public education only appears to be free. Its ultimate cost is immeasurable if it results in a child being stolen away from their family and losing the greatest opportunity they could ever have… the opportunity to grow in faith and holiness, and to learn to be truly free in Jesus Christ.
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Is there a way forward?
PLEASE NOTE: On August 17, our schools received notification that the Order for the use of face coverings in schools has changed. The Pennsylvania Department of Health and Department of Education (PDE) now require students to wear face coverings at all times with certain breaks provided during the day. The justification for this change is an updated recommendation from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). After consultation with our attorneys and...
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Why of Classical Education
If the WHY of a classical education is to form joyful saints, then student’s potential becomes boundless, because they are formed open to God's grace.
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