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Founded in faith, inspired by hope, and lived in love, the Regina Academies challenge students and their families in a communal and academic setting to be joyful saints through Catholic faith formation, classical wisdom, and virtue in action. 

To Educate in Truth, Grow in Wisdom, Cultivate Virtue, & Recognize Beauty

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About The Regina Academies

The Regina Academies are four independent Catholic schools that provide an exceptional classical education to students in the Philadelphia area.

It is our Catholic classical liberal arts curriculum that distinguishes us from other Catholic schools in the Philadelphia region. Classical education has been proven to be the best way students learn for the last 2,500 years.

The proof is in the results. National reports show America’s schools stagnant or in decline, Regina Academy students consistently score in the 85th to 99th percentile on standardized tests of academic achievement. 

As a Catholic school, the Regina Academies’ curriculum is grounded in the two pillars of faith and reason, what St. John Paul II called the two wings that allow us to rise to the contemplation of truth. When students are formed in this truth, they experience JOY in the classroom and that carries through to joy in the home.

In fact, joyful students are the first and perhaps the most notable hallmark of a Regina education.

We found out about the Regina Academies weeks into moving to Philadelphia 4 years ago. The experiences in education of our children, faith formation for our family and the community has been pivotal for us! We love the Regina Academies!

RAA Parent

Absolutely beautiful community of parents and students, focused on Christ and forming students in virtue. The Montessori program includes Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, which is so unique and formative for young children. I’m really happy we chose RCA.

RCA Parent

We are very blessed to be in the RAA family. My girls love going to school because of the atmosphere here. They learned so much, they brought home something new almost every day and not only academically but more than that…

RAA Parent

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“What is truth?” This is a question that has echoed throughout history for the last 2,000 years. It is the question that a jaded Pontius Pilot asked of Jesus just before he condemned him to death on the cross. Tragically, it is a question many continue to ask today, and who, in the absence of a reasonable answer, turn their back on God and leave the Church.

No pope, or contemporary saint, understood the scope and stakes of this question as did St. John Paul II. In his encyclical letter, Veritatis Splendor, he made a claim that was startling to some: he said that “man cannot make objective truth subjective.” He said that, “truth exists outside of man, regardless of whether man acknowledges it in any particular age.”

At the Regina Academies, we introduce students to the person who is Truth, Jesus Christ in whom is the fullness of truth, both revealed and discovered. Christ said he himself was the path to this fullness of truth (“I am the way, the truth, and the life” (Jn: 14). We accept this as true.

That is why we embrace the teaching of the Church that Christ alone is the indispensable “unity between faith and reason” (Fides and Ratio). Whatever man achieves in discovery in every age leads inevitably back to the origin of all truth. Truth who is a Person named Jesus Christ.

Anchored in absolute confidence that truth can be known, we open wide the door to the best of human thought in every field of endeavor from antiquity on – math and science included. Each child’s individual formation is guided through the classical trivium’s behavioral stages of learning which permits a “personalized” growth in knowledge and the concomitant purpose of knowledge, wisdom.

It is this daily growth in wisdom and knowledge that leads to the formation of strong character in a child. It is a strong character, rooted in faith, that enables a child to practice and model virtue, even and especially under trial. This alone will ensure that our graduates bear witness to the Truth as they go out into the world to pursue their unique vocation.

Regina Academy graduates are uniquely prepared to lead a successful life in the truest and broadest sense of the term. Our students consistently score in the top 85th to 99th percentile on standardized academic tests. From their earliest years in our schools, our graduates have have been encouraged in self-knowledge so that they can see the activity of grace in their lives.

They have been exposed to the best of thought from antiquity to the present, taught to consume, reason through diverse content, developed high proficiency in math and science, mastered how to write, speak with clarity, and built a solid foundation for a lifelong relationship with their Lord and Savior.

All of this prepares our students for a life of service to others. Therefore, a very real pursuit of holiness which is the true purpose of a Catholic education and indeed life itself. A French author, Charles Peguy said: “Life holds but one tragedy, ultimately not to have been a saint.”

It is our avowed purpose and mission that each of our graduates will have a better understanding and foundation, for their life long journey to sanctity. 

Joy is a charism, a gift of the Holy Spirit. It is a special grace given for the purpose of participating in the Church’s mission of salvation. It is not something we can produce on our own.

Regina Academy students and their families live in joy for two specific reasons Archbishop Chaput has stated – the formation offered by our classical curriculum and our fidelity to the magisterium of the Church.

Our students bring this joy into the classroom and encounter a similar joy in the teacher. The “combustible” spiritual energy of joy encountering joy produces a genuinely transcendent educational experience for our students. If you visit one of our schools, you will experience it too.

Our parents not only have experienced it but have given voice to it by recommending our schools to others. What is certain is that this transcendent gift of joy is unmatched by most other schools. Among ourselves, we can recognize the source and purpose of this joy: It is quite plainly a gift of and from the Holy Spirit.

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The Regina Academies are independent Catholic schools. As such we receive no subsidy from any parish or support from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Your donations are critical to our continued growth and to support our students.

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